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Byron Bay Lighthouse NSW

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It rained all night. I woke at 7am the sun had dried my canvas on the van, so I decided to go to the lighthouse and do the walk.


I was lucky to get a parking place almost at the top, and I walked up to the lighthouse. It was very beautiful.



I did not see the path dpwn to the beach, so did not climb the steps, but they are there. I did walk back to do the walk, but the rain started, so I went back to the van and the heavens opened. I drove to the very top and back down and it was stepp, windy, slippery and a bit scary, The view is fantastic.


The lighthouse cottages are simply wonderful. They are right on top of the hill next to the lighthouse and they would be fantastic to stay in.



I walked back down and back to the car, and as it was raining, I went driving to explore around Byrom Bay

Byron Bay NSW Australia

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The rain was heav y.

Byron Bay is about 67 kms from Murwillumbah and I drove down some beautiful forest roads of green.


I booked Andre into the Backpackers right on the beach, where the back walked right onto some fantastic surf with a wreck visible at low tide.



It was beautiful.

We had lunch at a Lebanese Restaurant called ‘Orgiastic” which was wonderful, sitting in an open area with the rain splashing as it poured down in bucketfuls, drinking water and knowing we would get drenched wlaking back to the car.


I dropped him at the Hostel and went looking for somewhere to stay.

The caravan Parks I visited right on the shore were all full, so I decided to go back out of town when I saw the Tourist Village. I was delighted to take a powered site there amongst the Paper Barks, and to my delight there were ducks, Bush Turkeys, mynahs and white Ibis to look at.




There are 3 lakes on the property and it is 20 minutes walk from town. It was wonderful.




Murwillumbah Queensland

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My friends Family booked into a Farm Stay to do Whoofing at Murwillumbah.

Arrived here to be greeted with a demand for payment, so I am now in a powered campsite watching the boggy grass and wondering whether I will get bogged here.


The property was at Stokers Landing, a curvy drive inland into the forests and farms where lush green paddocks and old ancient mossy trees, reminiscent of  the Hobbits, hide farms and properties.


The drive is all forested roads, and you need to get Petrol on the Gold Coast, as after Tweed Heads the price of petrol rose again. I am on an almost empty tank until I leave here, and a bit nervous about not buying gas earlier on the road.


Stokers Landing is just properties and farms. There is a cave with glow-worms and bats at the Railway siding, but now unreachable because of the floods, and a Post Office which also has a few food items. I was stuck here with no food after delivering the Family to the farm stay, and staying overnight, which turned into two when the rains came. The Post Office sold me bread and Butter and she also gave me some cheese and ham which fed me two meals.


Reception is not good from here, so the mobile and Internet worked spasmodically, and keeps cutting out.

It is a beautiful area for quiet farm living, and rich in birdlife. I have seen fairy wrens, blue Fairy wrens, and some colorful tiny wrens…but not when I had the camera.


The free Wireless internet has made me very happy, and I have spent my time here mostly online.





The Gold Coast…view from Q2 Building Surfers Paradise

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This is the view of the Gold Coast as seen from the 77th floor of Q2


Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia

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The most beautiful and Commercial part of the Gold Coast.

I love this area and would like to live here one day, and maybe I will.



I stayed at the Hawaaian in Surfers…its apartments on a 12 story block right on the river.


The beach is across the road and a 10 minute walk from the apartments. The casino is a 20 minute walk up the road, and the shopping Centre is right there. Surfers and the main drag is 20 minutes in the other direction.

I went on the beach every morning and evening, as its a wonderful beach and a wonderful walk.





Q2, the tallest residential building in the owrld is here to and you can climb to the top of the 77th floor for a 360 view of the Gold Coast. Amazing experience and one not to be missed.


From here there are many trips and tours.

Last time I used the Bus tours which gave me 6 tours for the price of 5 or something like that, and I went to Brisbane, the Zoo, The Botabnnical Gardens, Springbrook and Tamburine Mountains, Byron Bay and also Noosa.

All were informative and exciting, and all were a day trip from Surfers.

You acn also go to Stradbroke Island and the theme parks which are numerous…Sea World, Currubin Bird Sanctuary, and all the other famous spots that tourists love to visit.


Glass House Mountains Queensland Australia

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Coming down south along the Bruce Highway, after the Noosa Turnoff is the turn to the Glasshouse Mountains.

Its just past the Calundra turnoff towards Beerwah.


If you go through Maleny you get a stunning view as you wind up very steep grades..a bit scary…and then down to Beerwah. You can also turn further south at Beerburrum, which is what I did, and last trip I stayed at the Beerburrm Caravan Park, from where I did day trips. Cost $35 for a powered site. Its a very pleasant Park run by a very attractive gentleman, who I did like. There is also a book exchange here, a pool and the usual facilities.


You get some awesome sunsets from the caravan Park, and there are walks around through cane fields and pineapple plantations, and along the back roads.

I did a few hikes, and in the heat, it was very hot. There were many mosquitoes, so prepare by taking insect repellant and have a hat.


There are a few free camping places..behind the Maleny Showgrounds, and at Landsborough, and at Matthew Flinders Park a rest area 2 km North of Beerburrum.

I intend to stay there sometime. It looked beautiful right in the bush




The lookouts were amazing. There is a 360 degree walk around lookout point, and the nature walk is well worth doing.

The Glasshouse Mountains are less than an hour from Brisbane so it makes a great day trip.

A visit to the Gardens at Maleny are advised. That was a wonderful experience with a natural forest walk through some stunning twisted vines with birds and butterflies in a property bequeathed to tourism by two sisters.


The Australian Bush is at its best in this area, and it is very easy and pleasant hiking through the Natural bush with scenic views of the Mountains.






Noosa Coastal Walk Queensland Australia

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Noosa is a very busy township full of upmarket stores and restaurants. The beach is small but very popular with the trendies. I parked by the beach and went to the Tourist Centre whose only interest was to book me on a hinterland cruise that I did not have time to go on as it was a full day tour.

I walked back and followed an elderly gentleman who was returning from the cliff top.

I asked him what was up there, and it was the National Park and Coastal walk. Simply stunning.

The weather was very very hot, and there were icy drinking water fountains on the way.



I parked my van at the entrance, visited the Aboriginal Art gallery, and then walked the coastal track as far as I could and back.



It was a wonderful experience, and I actually did see a tiny Koala in the gum trees, which made this even better.

This track is a photographers dream…it is simply beautiful. Trees, plants and native flower line the track, and below is the sea with many coves and beautiful surfing and swimming areas.

It was simply marvellous.

You could see across to the Glasshouse Nountains, where I had come from.




Noosa Caravan Park Noosa

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I had a few nights at the Noosa Caravan Park which was right on the river opposite the Hilton, and there were some wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

From here one can take a day ferry to the town of Noosa. The ferry landing is right at the caravan park entrance.



You can also do tours and visit the hinterlands.

It is a very trendy park with surfies and a bery interesting group of people who stay here regularly and are very friendly.

Also friendly are the ducks. Many of them came to the van to be fed and I took many photos of the ducks and birds here. There are many active groups here enjoing the outdoor cooking facilities, where you can also boil a kettle for a coffee or tea.

Noosa is a wonderful upmarket place, and here is is just that more friendly and obliging. The staff are very helpful re tours and bookings, and I did enjoy the stay here immensely.



Noosa North Shore Caravan Park

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The Beachfront Caravan Park is right on the Noosa North Shore Beach, adjacent to the National Park.  The Park is a great destination for families, retirees and fishermen, close to Noosa but with a wilderness feel.


Access to the Beachfront Caravan Park is by vehicle barge leaving from Moorindil Street, Tewantin operated by Noosa North Shore Ferries 5447 1321.

Sunday – Thursday from 5.30am to 10.30pm

Friday – Saturday from 5.30am to 12.30am


The stretch of beach on which the Park is located is the spectacular Cooloola Coast which stretches 65 kms north to Double Island Point up to Fraser Island and south to the mouth of the Noosa River, and is a refuge for plants, animals and birds including many endemic and endangered species and offers a diversity of natural landscapes.



This was a wonderful experience. I stayed here a week last trip and even though it rained, I loved the wild beasuty of the coastline, the surf beach, the great sandy walks, and the goannas and Kangaroos who were always around my Van. The owner fed possums and Lorrikeets and it was a wonderful place to stay at.

This was the view I had and I enjoyed sunrises and sunsets, storms and all sorts of weather in the one week.


There is a small shop at the Office which sells everything one needs, including fresh bread, so that mades things easier. The showers and laundry is excellent, pay $1 and you get a good shower with rain water.




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