Find Treasures at a Garage Sale…

Find Treasures at a Garage Sale
I have a new hobby; every second weekend, I go to a garage sale.This started because a neighbor showed me something she had bought for a few cents at a garage sale. Then I realised that most of her interesting gadgets and items come from garage sales. So I went with her the following weekend, and came home with a beautiful floral dinner set that cost me $3.00

floral plate

Beautiful dinner set bought at a garage sale

Then I found some great Italian serving sets, and many glasses. I now have glasses for any and every occasion and have paid 50 cents each for most of them, sometimes less, and on one occasion more, … and dropped the bag to break the fine crystal etched glasses I paid a whole $1 each….and cushions…everybody sells cushions at their garage sales.


Finding a local garage sale is easy. You purchase the local paper, and with a highlighter, mark all the garage sales in your area or where you are prepared to travel to.


This is the system used by my friend and it is certainly easier than other methods I have seen in the past. She them finds and marks all the locations on a map using pencil, and rubs them out the following week. Yes, she goes every weekend!

Then when you have a marked map, you can plot the route you will drive to get the maximum garage sales in the time before they close, and most close around 10am.

Garage Sales on Saturdays

Traveling to the garage sale from the island means taking a 6.30am Ferry to the Mainland

We then drive around the listed sales, collecting valuable treasures. After all, what is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. As my friend has many grandchildren, she is always filling her bag with toys and books bought very cheaply.

I go for glasses, containers and books usually garden or cookbooks and any music I can find. I even bought a brand new Bible that I simply adore for $1.00

The bonus is we also visit any fetes, and fairs that are also advertised, keeping them for last, and doing the shopping centre sales after the garage sales end. We will go to Bunnings and KMart, and grab the weekend specials for food at outdoor stalls or the supermarkets. We return with our shopping trolleys over flowing with goodies and huge smiles as we negotiate how to get everything onto the ferry and back to the car and then home.

Online you can get an Interactive Map Brisbane Garage Sales that shows you where the current Garage Sales are.

Find one for your area by doing a web search on Google.

Garage Sales on Saturdays

Garage sales Brisbane

People who create signs get found a lot easier, so if you are planning a garage sale, make sure you show your sign or arrow prominently. One Saturday we went to a few sales that were not on our lists because of the signs, so make sure your sign is placed where keen bargain hunters who are driving past will see it, especially if you know a neighbor who is having a garage sale and want to get in the act. The more sales in one street, the more visitors, so do take advantage of people already selling in your street.

Maybe I will see you at the next garage sale; we are off again this weekend, and I will join my keen garage sale friend, with my pile of coins, ready to seek out another bargain or two

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