Mt Bauple Queensland

Mt Bauple has always fascinated me. Today the weather was fine and dry so the road was open. The only open anything there was the Museum…

Mt Bauple MuseumMt Bauple Museum

An unfriendly man showed me to the door..I asked to take a few photos, which I did

IMG_6468 IMG_6469

The park’s main purpose is to protect the area’s exceptional scientific values. Mount Bauple shares its name with the bauple or bopple nut, the local name for the nut from the commercial Queensland nut tree Macadamia integrifolia

Then I went looking for the caravan Park. It was an area next to the road with a patch of grass and no facilities.

It looked dry and dull and lonely… I drove on to Tiaro where I stayed the night.

I was told there that Mt Bauple died a few years ago after a lady complained about a camper, and she caused enough trouble for everything in the town to close. Today there is no shop, no tea room, no business of any kind…just a Museum.

The town is trying to rejuvenate their tourist trade but with nothing to see, do or attend, no shops, no petrol, no services, it will stay dead until something happens to start up again. You cannot even get to the mountain..the Museum man said it was closed to the public…

Mt Bauple promises more than it has to offer..and they need friendlier staff at the Museum if travelers who do visit, decide to overnight there…

Mount Bauple National Park (Scientific) will be valued for
its exceptional scientific and cultural heritage values. The
park will remain unaffected by built environment and recreational
or commercial activities so that natural processes
can continue unaltered by inappropriate human interventi
on. Habitat will suffer minimal damage from pest plants
and animals or unsuitable fire regimes.
Researchers will continue to use the park for scientific purpo
ses. It will remain a valuable resource for this function
because plant and animal diversity and behaviour will ex
ist in a natural and largely untouched state.
Mount Bauple National Park (Scientific) is located 35 km
south of Maryborough in Queensland and covers 547 ha
(Appendix A, Map 1). Situated in the South East Queensland
bioregion, it is surrounded by farming lots, and there
are several state forests within a 10 km radius. These in
clude the Gundiah State Forest, Tiaro State Forest, Bauple
State Forest and the Glenbar and St. Mary groups of stat
e forests. Glenbar National Park is the closest national
park and is located 16 km to the south-west.
Public access is by permit only and generally for scientific
or cultural purposes
The park protects two regional ecosystems of conservati
on significance (Table 3). Open forest containing remnant
hoop pine
Araucaria cunninghamii
is listed as of concern under the, as
is the Ara
ucarian microphyll to notophyll
vine forest understorey, which additionally has
a DERM biodiversity status of endangered.
Mount Bauple has special significance to the Butchulla
and Kabi Kabi people. Traditional Owners have a keen
interest in the management of the park and have a desire to participate in practical ways.
In the past, the mountain was a source of materials fo
r making implements and people lived on the slopes in
winter. There are many story strings, so
ng lines and dreaming paths connected to
the mountain, but it is unclear if
any physical evidence of this cultural heritage remains on
the park. Mount Bauple and its surrounds were the site of
timber-getting and graphite mining before 1935 and these ac
tivities may have led to the destruction, depletion or
removal of Indigenous cultural heritage artefacts. Traditional Owners have indicated their desire to locate and
protect any physical evidence that might remain.

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