Solitary Islands Resort Wooli

The Resort is surrounded with Natural Forests and located on a peninsula 8 kms from the Jetty at the end of the road, and 36 kms from Grafton. Here you can book cabins, or camp with your own caravan or camping vehicle. The resort has an excellent camp kitchen that is fully equipped with an upstairs deck with 2 televisions and a cafe/bar that is open weekends. It is on the banks of Wooli River rich in fish and bird life.

BIG4 Solitary Islands Resort at Wooli is situated on the river and is totally surrounded by Yuraygir National Park and part of the Solitary Islands Marine Park. It is located south of Byron Bay and north of Coffs Harbour. Wooli locality provides rock, beach, estuary and offshore fishing, four wheel driving on the beach, boat ramps, pub and club.

Solitary Islands Marine Park on the NSW North Coast extends north from Coffs Harbour to Sandon River along about 75 km of coastline. It is approximately 710 km2 from the mean high water to three nautical miles offshore, including estuaries to their tidal limit. The park was established in January 1998 (prior to that it was a marine reserve since 1991) and its zones and management rules commenced in August 2002. Changes to rules regarding fishing from some ocean beaches and headlands were introduced in June 1918

Why Solitary Islands Marine Park is unique

The marine park contains:

  • diverse habitats – estuaries, sandy beaches, intertidal rocky shores, sub-tidal reefs and open oceans;
  • the important Solitary Islands, from which the marine park takes its name.

More than 550 reef fish, 90 hard coral and 600 molluscs (shelled animals) species have been observed throughout the park.

  • North Solitary Island has the park’s highest reef fish diversity.  Anemone Bay, at the Island’s northern end, is particularly diverse and supports the densest coverage of anemone and anemone fish world wide.
  • South Solitary is renowned for its large pelagic fish, turtles and is also rich in shelled animals, with many marine snails and slugs, especially on the western side. It is the northern most breeding site recorded for the giant cuttlefish.
  • The park’s northern estuaries are some of the state’s most pristine, largely because the majority of adjacent land is located in Yuraygir National Park.
Sunset on Wooli River

Solitary Islands Marine Park is a place where the warm waters of the East Australian Current meet cooler waters from the south. They bring together tropical, subtropical and temperate marine life. Many species mingling here are at the northern or southern limit of their range. The marine park includes Pimpernel Rock, a submerged pinnacle rising to within a few metres of the surface. Critically endangered grey nurse sharks gather here, making it a popular dive spot.

The Yaegl people are the traditional owners of the land and sea in the northern Solitary Islands. The Githabul / Gumbaynggirr people are the traditional owners of the land and sea in the central and southern Solitary Islands.

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