Fingal Heads NSW

Am now at Fingal Heads in NSW. You follow the M1 Motorway down past Coolangatta and Tweed Heads and after that you come to a turn-off to the left which goes to Kingscliff and to Fingal Heads. You arrive at a roundabout that is Chingerah..and if you have not brought any food, you need to turn right and either go to Kingscliff where there are supermarkets and restaurants, (7.5km from Fingal Heads), or do what I did because I was tired…shop for basics and good take away food at the Service Station. I did pay $6.60 for a small container of butter and tomatoes were $12 a kg. I also bought 4 small bananas and a loaf of rye Bread..and a delicious sandwich and a pie. All eaten now and I am down to Rye Bread and butter for the next 2 days if the Mullet fishermen do not catch any mullet. They fish in the bay but need a southerly and lots of wind to bring the mullet out of the fresh water rivers into the Bay where they get chased with nets and boats in a huge hive of industry until they get netted. The fishermen here have had the business for 39 years…and their catch goes to Sydney as well as Queensland…

These days in Fingal Bay and along the entire coastline of NSW into southern Queensland, jet boats shoot the net around the fish in a matter of seconds and the fish are hauled ashore by trucks. As quickly as possible the fish are put on ice and shipped to the processing plant where they are transported to local and overseas markets.

The south-western head of the bay is Fingal Head, which is located southeast of the town. Between the two heads, the mouth is over 1 km (0.6 mi) wide. The bay includes a sandy beach about 1.9 km (1.2 mi) long.

Fingal Head Lighthouse

Even though the Fingal Head light tower is not high and it is built on a low headland the lighthouse is effective as it is built on one of the most easterly points of Australia. It is however obscured by Cook Island. It was not until 1971 that a light was established on Point Danger to complement the Final Head light.

The 1860s saw an increase in shipping trade with the new colony of Queensland. Three reefs running out almost 7km from Fingal Head and Cook Island itself were a constant danger as there is deep water close to shore. The first lighthouse on Fingal Head was lit in 1872. The present lighthouse was completed in 1879 and handed over to Lightkeeper William Arnold on 30 March 1879. The light tower is the oldest public building in the Tweed Shire.

In 1970 the light was converted to mains electricity. Fingal Head was converted to an LED light source in early 2021 with the installation of a fixed high intensity LED beacon. The light retains a red sector to warn of the off shore dangers around Cook Island. The lighthouse keeper’s residence was built in 1879 and demolished in 1923 when the light was automated. The foundations are visible nearby the lighthouse. William Arnold, the first lighthouse keeper, his wife Henrietta and 11 children lived here for 27 years until 1st September 1906 when he retired

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